The future of JUSTICE GROWN is JUSTICE CANNABIS CO., and it’s arrived.


Rapidly growing multi-state operator and well-loved cannabis company, Justice Grown has undergone a significant transition to ‘Justice Cannabis Co.’ reinventing themselves with a modern and meaningful rebrand.

Justice Cannabis Co. (formerly known as Justice Grown), has been a steady force amongst the U.S cannabis industry for over 7 years and garnered attention for all the right reasons. Founded on the premise of ‘cannabis made good, that does good to make you feel good’, the Justice team have a long-standing and impressive reputation for their quality products, unique dispensaries and a modern approach to service. 

With a new vision, multi-dispensary concepts, a new identity, and a new name, this is a company that has been reborn. The reimagined Justice Cannabis Co. has brought with it relevancy, a renewed sense of direction and internal invigoration to support their exciting next phase of growth.

So why the rebrand? And why now? About a year ago, the Justice team sat down to simply discuss how to continue to support evolving market and client expectations and continue to innovate and build on the successes they had experienced. They were humbled to know that they already had provided, or had the competency to provide, what the market was craving, they just needed to be able to better communicate what they did and why it was special to their partners and prospects, which is what the Justice team believe they are doing now with this rebrand.

With an elevated new name, comes an elevated new identity, website, positioning, tone of voice and a whole suite of exciting new sub ventures.

The new identity and approach is grounded in the concept of storytelling and fostering community, assisted through an approachable personality and obvious expression of their vision for a cannabis-fueled, feel-good future. The brand has a youthful and dynamic sense of self, whilst maintaining its roots in quality and integrity.

“It was important for us to ensure that our rebrand highlights the fact that we are a full service, vertical cannabis business. We cultivate, manufacture and distribute cannabis high quality cannabis products to a variety of customers, and patients across the United States.”
— Laureen Stowers, VP of Marketing

As always though, the Justice Cannabis Co. brand is very much connected to their mission — that feeling good is always the destination.

Stepping into this next chapter, the Justice team will continue to explore the potential of human connection through the power of cannabis, with a renewed identity, energized presence and vigorous new mission.


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